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Technical writing - Copywriting - DTP - Editing


Dave Odell is a freelance writer capable of delivering high quality technical publications.

He possesses the ability to produce documentation solutions to a broad range of industries such as engineering, electronics, insurance, banking, defence, financial services and the IT industry. He can provide the interface between the developer and the user, ensuring that the user fully understands the system or application in question and can, to some extent, troubleshoot problems without recourse to the developer or helpdesk. In seeking a role that will prove to be both a professional and personal challenge and add to his skillset he has recently diversified into article writing and copywriting.

Being self-employed, he has his own company by the name of Wordscape Limited on whose web site you can get a clearer understanding of what Dave can do for you.


Related Sites

In addition to that he has a:

  • Technical authoring resource site where you can find out about some of the tools he uses to create his documentation and useful links to other sites related to writing.
  • An article site that discusses strategies to writing specific documentation such as white papers, articles etc.

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